Jan 23 2014

What exactly is going on back there?

Imagine you bring your dog or cat into the clinic to have her spayed.  The receptionist greets you as you enter, has you to sign some forms, schedules a discharge time, then whisks  your baby into the back for the  “ procedure”.    You come back at the end of the day and are given instructions for her home care, pay the bill and take your pet home.   Have you ever wondered just exactly what went on while you were gone?  What really is a “spay”?

I find it interesting when I ask my clients what they think a spay actually is. While some people know, the others have no idea. “are you tying her tubes?”  Are you doing something with her ovaries? “is it an injection ?

When I have the opportunity, I explain that a spay is an ovario hysterectomy; a complex surgery involving removal of both ovaries as well as the entire uterine tract. I try to explain why intravenous fluids are imperative and how important proper anesthesia techniques and monitoring are.

Veterinarians make a mistake when we assume the public knows exactly what we are doing with their pets. It is important to bridge the gap between what is seems so commonplace to us with what may seem so mysterious to you, the pet owner.

So it is with veterinary dentistry. February is DENTAL MONTH. We are promoting Oral Health for all pets but do you know exactly what  is going on back there?   How is it any different from having the teeth cleaned at my groomers?   What is “scaling and polishing” and why can it only be performed under anesthesia?

To help you gain a better understanding, we have recorded an actual dental procedure this year.   The purpose is to help you understand the value in removing the tartar from below the gum line so that gingivitis does not develop into periodontal disease and rotten teeth.

If you would like to know what exactly does go on “back there” during a dental. Take a look at our You Tube Video.

Then when you book your pet’s next  dental, you will know exactly what is happening.


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