The Scratching Post

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    What exactly is going on back there?

    Jan 23 2014

    Imagine you bring your dog or cat into the clinic to have her spayed.  The receptionist greets you as you enter, has you to sign some forms, schedules a discharge…

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    Brr! Cold Weather Pet Tips

    Dec 06 2013

    I had a client call the clinic this week and ask if it is safe to keep her dog outdoors during the upcoming cold snap.  It is embarrassing for me to…

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    November is Senior Pet Month

    Nov 15 2013

    November is Senior Pet awareness month 2 lessons regarding seniors that I learned recently that I would like to share with you: Don’t give up on a 90 year old…

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    Dropping the “f” bomb

    Jul 04 2013

    I hope I am not upsetting anyone by using this reference but sometimes I feel like I am swearing when I use the word “FAT” in our clinic. Many of…

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    Scratching Post- If I were a dog…

    Jun 20 2013

      If I were a dog..  I would want to live free. I would want to have an owner that would let me hang my head out of the window…